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Wellness & Cannabis

Cannabis has many medicinal benefits. From treating nausea and insomnia to chronic pain and PTSD, we’re only just scratching the surface of the plant’s healing potential. See below for the 2019 Wellness Pavilion schedule and stay tuned for our 2020 announcements.

Visit the Wellness Pavilion at the National Cannabis Festival to meet and learn from medical professionals, dispensary owners, holistic medicine practitioners, yoga instructors and more. Bring your yoga mat, towel or whatever you need to get comfortable and get well.

2019 Wellness Pavilion Schedule


High Noon Yoga Flow Session

Open your day with flowing movement and restorative poses. The class starts and ends with breath work. Suitable for beginners and anyone looking for a gentle way to start the day at the festival!


Ebony Wheeler



DCMCTA Networking Break

Stop by the DCMCTA Wellness Pavilion to meet the owners of DC’s dispensaries and cultivation centers.



The Culinary Future of Cannabis: From Wellness to Fine Dining

It wasn’t long ago that the primary source of edible cannabis was the ubiquitous pot brownie.  These tasty little squares were easy to make, but often led to over consumption, which then led to hours of couch lock and bad TV.   Americans have since become far more sophisticated and have graduated to enjoying a wide selection of edibles both savory and sweet, including multi-course chef-prepared feasts.  As recreational cannabis becomes legalized and destigmatized, what does the culinary future hold?  In addition to high end supper clubs, there is currently a focus on wellness and the myriad health benefits of CBD.  To that end, cannabis infused beverages are poised to become a $600 million market within the next several years.  Learn from several successful entrepreneurs and chefs who can discuss fine dining, FDA issues and what it takes to shape an idea into a world class brand.

David Holmes, Co-Founder, Spiked Seltzer & CEO, Plant Life Group
Myra Mathis, Chef and Founder of Dîner en Vert, ganjier, activist
Spike Mendelsohn, Chef and food policy activist

Moderator: Rock Harper, Chef, community activist, educator, healthy food advocate, podcast host, restaurateur and writer



Looking Ahead: What's Next for DC's Medical Cannabis Cultivation Program?

Licensed dispensary and cultivation facility owners are actively working to expand the medical cannabis program in DC, including: creating and offering a broad range of products, implementing quality assurance and testing standards, and working to ensure that DC's licensed cannabis facility operators are as diverse as the community they serve. Come and hear from DC's cultivation facility operators and learn what's really going on behind the scenes to expand medical cannabis access and opportunities for residents of DC and beyond.

Troy Bertolino, Facility Manager, Apelles Cultivation Center
Norbert Pickett, Owner, DC Holistic Wellness 
Mike Schultz, Facility Manager, Holistic Industries DC

Moderator: Paula Querido Kahn, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist, formerly Director of Community Engagement at Takoma Wellness Center



Cannabis, Sex & Wellness

Panelists will discuss cannabis’ role in sexual health. How do the cannabis products specifically designed to enhance sexual function and enjoyment work? Can cannabis use impact fertility? Is the endocannabinoid system different in men and women? These are some of the questions the panel will answer for you at Cannabis, Sex & Wellness.

Antuanette Gomez, Founder and CEO of Pleasure Peaks
Becky Kaufman Lynn, MD, FACOG
, IF Director, Center for Sexual Health
Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology & Assistant Director, Medical Student Clerkship, Saint Louis University
Dr. Jordan Tishler, Cannabis Specialist; President Association of Cannabis Specialists; InhaleMD; Treasurer Doctors for Cannabis Regulation; Board of Advisors CannaKorp



Behind the Scenes with DC's Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

From THC to CBD, DC's medical cannabis dispensaries serve nearly 6,000 registered patients in the city. Come and hear from dispensary operators and experts as they discuss the benefits of incorporating cannabis into a healthy lifestyle, how to sign up for the medical cannabis program, and what you can expect from your first visit. There'll be plenty of time for questions. You don't want to miss this behind-the-scenes look at DC's medical cannabis program!

Patricia C Frye, MD, Certified Medical Cannabis Specialist, Takoma Park Alternative Care & Author of “The Medical Marijuana Guide: Cannabis and Your Health”
Linda Mercado Greene
, Owner, CEO, Board Chair, Anacostia Organics 
Yuri Lee, General Manager of Capital City Care Dispensary & Vice Chair of DCMCTA

Moderator: Jessie Gross, Education Advocate, Food Activist and Licensed Cannabis Patient



Afternoon Flow Yoga

Join us for a mid-afternoon yoga break! An energizing yet restorative flow that will have you take a brief pause during all the excitement of the festival. This will be an all levels class, all are welcome!


Christine Kontra, VIDA Fitness



Breaking the Stigma: Cannabis and Oral Health

The panel discussion for Oral Health & Wellness Learning (OHWL) will include the importance of maintaining good oral health while enjoying marijuana. It is the mission of OWHL to break the stigma through education, and especially educating those who make decisions about our health.

Do you know how to manage dry mouth or maybe avoid it all together? Do you know how cotton mouth affects your overall health? Join us as we share important information on how to keep your mouth healthy while including cannabis as part of your lifestyle.

Mary Boyle MEd, RDH 
Kimberly Farley MHSc, RDH
Shavonne Healy MSDH, RDH, ICP



Let’s Talk 420: Kids

We grew up with our parents’ mantra, borrowed from Nancy Reagan of, “Say No to Drugs.” Our prisons filled. Four decades later, the FDA tells us that cannabis can ease epileptic seizures in kids. To date, 33 states and in the District of Columbia, medicinal marijuana helps folks deal with everything from pain to anxiety.

The new Agriculture Improvement Act helps struggling farmers put American Hemp on the map, and in breakfast cereals, clothes and construction. What are the right words for the new script we tell our children? Does the script change? How do you talk to your kids? Balance truth with myth? Protect and educate? Know the right words. This panel discussion is for everyone, not only for those that have children. 'It takes a village to raise a child.' (African proverb). Join us and hear from activists and influencers: Plant the seeds of trust, grow with your kids.

Leila Beltramo, Educator, letstalk420.com & Parent 
Joshua Crossney
, CEO & Founder, Cannabis Science Conference
Patricia Frye, MD
, Takoma Park Alternative Care & Author, The Medical Marijuana Guide: Cannabis and Your Health
Janie Maedler
, President, Rylie’s Smile Foundation, Co-Founder, Rylie’s Sunshine & Parent



High Yoga Afternoon Session

Enjoy the natural high you feel after a yoga class! The class taught by DC resident, dispensary bud tender, and High Yoga host Stephanie LeGarda, will focus on gentle movement and holding restorative poses for longer periods. We will start and end the class with some breath work. Suitable for beginners and anyone looking for a gentle way to start the day at the festival!


Stephanie Legarda, High Yoga