Myster High-End: Smoking in Style


Myster High-End Accessories know how to keep you smoking in style. This year at the National Cannabis Festival you’ll have a chance to browse all the latest products in the Exhibitor’s Pavilion. Get to know the team at Myster with this Q&A below and see you on #420one!

Myster has created an incredible repertoire of high-end products that run the spectrum from apparel, stashtrays, grinders, ashtrays and more. How do you  stay in tuned to the consumer needs of enthusiasts within the cannabis community?

It's easy to stay in tune with the customers needs because we are all stoners!  We design and invent products that are made for smokers by smokers!


Do you find some accessories are more popular than others, depending on the latest news in the cannabis community? Are people vaping more, buying more glass?

We have actually recently moved away from the vaping side of the community. We are focusing more on our flagship product status trade and magnetic components, that can be added and used separately.


What can we expect to change and evolve over the next few years within the community of accessory sales? (more celebrity endorsements? Different quality or material?)

We have been working on a few secret projects that will be dropping in early 2019. We want to continue to elevate the level of cannabis accessories available around the world. We think people will really like that we have been working on...


What are you most excited about for this year’s National Cannabis Festival?

We are super excited. The last two festivals have been the best! Last year
the weather hurt things a little bit but we think this year will be golden!