True Liberty® Bags are ‘The ORIGINAL All-Purpose Home and Garden Bag

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Music, art and activism come together on 4/20 weekend for a massive celebration of the end of prohibition. In addition to the live music, advocacy and educational pavilions or grow schools, guests can enjoy a wide range of products from our exhibitors including True Liberty Bags.

Check out what True Liberty Bags has to say about their products below.

True Liberty® Bags are ‘The ORIGINAL All-Purpose Home and Garden Bag’. Our bags are Made in the USA, FDA Approved, BPA Free, 100% food-grade nylon and made to resist bursting and puncturing. Used by all kinds of families and farmers, from the household hobbyist to the commercial level grower, there is a bag size available to meet your needs.

The industrial strength construction of these bags makes them great for curing, storing, keeping harvested crops fresher for longer, decarboxylation, and also preventing unwanted odors or cross-contamination. 

True Liberty Bags bring liberating solutions! In addition to the many amazing harvest solutions, they are safe to use in your conventional oven, freezer, rice cooker, slow cooker, Sous Vide or on the stove top, as they are resistant to cold, heat, fat, grease, oil and water. These bags offer a fantastically versatile tool for all around the home, garden, outdoor activities, and much more! 

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