DC Medical Cannabis Cultivators: The Importance of Cannabis Testing


Cannabis testing is the process that gauges the varying levels of compounds and chemicals present in the product.  The methods and chemicals used in the cultivation of cannabis make knowing your cultivator all the more important. Some labs test for pesticides, others for mold and still others focus on the varying levels of cannabinoids, residual solves and microbial contamination.

Knowing what’s in the cannabis you’re consuming is as important as understanding the medicines you take or the food you eat; both impact quality of life and health.

For those using cannabis to treat chronic pain and illness this can mean the difference in exacerbating symptoms or treating the pain and illness. Cannabis testing standards aren’t uniform across so the board so DC Medical Cannabis Trade Association makes it easy to connect to dispensaries who get their cannabis from licensed cultivation centers who test their cannabis to ensure the highest quality product.

DC is home to 8 licensed cultivation centers:


Alternative Solutions

Apelles Cultivation

Capital City Cultivation

District Growers

Holistic Remedies

Organic Wellness


Interested in joining DC’s medical cannabis program? See the full list of dispensaries within the network of accredited members and follow the link to learn how to sign up today.

This year at the National Cannabis Festival, stop by the Wellness Pavilion and meet cultivation experts taking a hands-on approach to cannabis testing.

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