Phone Homie Welcomes You to Terp Town USA at NCF


This is the most epicly monumental event in Washington, D.C. and this year, the Phone Homie Game Zone will again be the epicenter of FUN at the festival! Expect the unexpected but expect these things for sure.. lots of filming and f**ckery with Phone Homie and the homies including Chris Crazy, Dabbing Granny and more.. a photo booth.. live demonstrations… America.. it’s going to be nucking futs!! 

The Phone Homie Game Zone was a major attraction in the Exhibitor’s Pavilion last year with life-sized chess pieces, music and homies terping it up and slabbing it down! This time around the games have been hand picked to engage the community. Bring a friend or meet someone totally new.. All are welcome in the Game Zone!! If you get lost in the crowd just listen for a voice to say “ALL ABOARD.. NEXT STOP TERP TOWN, USA” and head to the Game Zone.

A T-shirt designed for the National Cannabis Festival will debut on 04.20.2019 making it the perfect time for you to grab a shirt or two for you and a friend, hop in the photo booth and snap all the fun and shenanigans! Don’t miss your chance to hang out in the Phone Homie Game Zone this year and get to know the whole crew. 

Check out the recap video of Phone Homie’s activation here.

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