Listen to our Favorite Action Bronson tracks ahead of 4/20 weekend

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Queens, New York born Action Bronson is one of the most colorful rappers in hip-hop. Before he became known as the food-simile slinging MC, Action was a widely known and respected fire-flame gourmet chef in New York city. Music took the lead after Action broke his leg and could no longer act as a chef.

Paul Rosenberg signed Action to a management deal in 2012 and he quickly rose through the ranks as the MC to watch as “Rare Chandeliers” launched a successful onslaught of new music. Through the “Blue Chips” series, “Well-Done” “White Bronco” and not to mention his triumphant return to the kitchen via a partnership with Vice for “Fuck, That’s Delicious,” the New Yorker has found mega success and a huge fan base.

We’re excited to welcome Action Bronson to the National Cannabis Festival on 4/20 weekend. hot on the heels of the release of his book, “Stoned Beyond Belief.”

Check out the top 10 Action Bronson songs you need to know to get you in the vibe!

10. Easy Rider:

9. 72 Virgins:

8. The Rockers ft. Wiz Khalifa:

7. Amadu Diablo:

6.Imported Goods:

5. La Luna:

4.Baby Blue ft. Chance the Rapper

3. Strictly 4 the Jeeps ft. Harry Fraud

2. White Bronco

1. Pouches of Tuna

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