Sign the Petition: Stop All Cannabis Arrests & Prosecutions

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The King Weedy Collective is calling on the Mayor of Washington, DC and the city council to curb and stop altogether the arrest and prosecution of citizens for possession and distribution of any amount of cannabis. 

It's a call to action for the re-directing of the city’s resources from those that affect people of color disproportionately and make recreational cannabis consumption a right. 

Check out what the collective has to say about the importance of this ordinance and sign the petition

We the people of Washington DC ask that Mayor Bowser and the city council direct the Metropolitan Police Department to stop arresting and prosecuting citizens for Possession or Distribution of any amount of Cannabis , Cannabis Oils and Cannabis Edibles. 

Arresting citizens for Cannabis Crimes is Immoral and against the community standard of the citizens of Washington DC 

Arresting citizens is a waste of the city’s resources and affects People of Color disproportionately.

The People of Washington DC have spoken that they want the right to purchase recreational cannabis and smoke cannabis in private clubs overwhelmingly in 2015 . 

Stop All Arrests & Prosecutions of Cannabis