Checking In with Our Favorite Canna-Fairy: Linda Biggs, Owner, Cannabis Queen RX


Since she was a little girl, International Fantasy Artist, Linda Biggs, had a gifted way of seeing the world. Her eyes reflected a sparkle of brilliant colors—like illuminated rainbows streaming through a spring rain. Nature in its unfolding beauty inspired her, pushed her to feel and embrace all things animated and sensual, as well as all things ethereal and pure.

Linda has been part of the NCF family for 4 years. In those years she founded Cannabis Queen Rx and has become one of the most beloved exhibitors at the festival. Keep reading to learn more about her work and how she started her canna-business.

It’s been 4 years since you first met the NCF team. Can you tell us how you met the NCF team and how your company has grown between 2016 and 2019?

This is the most interesting part of all, I really believe it was cosmically orchestrated. Three weeks prior to your first NCF, somewhere a banner ad popped up. I clicked it, I was immediately - transfixed by the idea of being part of it and to meet you guys and tell you how Cannabis saved me ( i was a older folk and how no idea it had saved a lot of people since the beginning of time).  WOOOOW! A public venue to celebrate life & Cannabis this way - that was a dream come true. I sent an email, to your event team asking how I could participate. Your team, sent me VIP passes overnight. It was such short notice, I didn't vend -- but we came, enjoyed the day, made so many contacts. People that I have come to rely on, trust and work with over these four years. This event launched the concept of Cannabis Queen RX in my head. It was my way of giving back to a community the welcomed me without judgement.

You’re now one of the most beloved artists in the cannabis community. What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs looking to establish a brand for the cannabis community? 

WOW, thats a tall compliment! Thank you. Cannabis Queen RX started out as simply celebrating that cannabis made it possible for me to create art again. It wasn't planned. Once we saw how, people were enjoying our rolling papers the process of really thinking it through became real. My advise would be, believe in your product and have your product be it a product or service you personally use. That way,  you can fine tune it and make it the best it can be. YOU really OWN it. You wear it, you live it, you consume it - if you are authentic in your product, you will be able to do anything you put your mind too. Then, share it with as many people as you can. 

You recently delivered your first shipment of custom rolling trays to a dispensary in Maryland. Tell us about the process for creating the custom trays?

This was magic! Seems each step of the way it has been. The process took about 1 year. I'll tell the story if you have time to read it…


I was introduced to one of the owners of the dispensary, without any expectations - and again, cosmically, magic happened. Long story short, the owner’s partner had been a collector of my art, YEARS ago, as a teenager. Once we became re-united it was the perfect scenario. We discussed their ideas, I took the ideas back to the studio, worked up the sketches, they approved them and that’s when it became real... I started painting the actual 20 x 30 watercolor that is now used at Nature Care and Wellness. The painting took 3 months, came the purchase of the branded rolling trays. Once the rolling tray design was approved, there was a long waiting period. This was the nerve-wracking part, because I was now using someone else's hard earned money to get them beautiful custom trays. I wanted to make sure everything went smoothly. Nearly 5 months later, they arrived! It was so worth the wait it made everything so real. The patience, and excitement was like a joy I had never experienced. Nature’s Care & Wellness, is now Family just like NCF! 

You’re clearly very inspired by nature and by your own life experiences. Can you tell us about your creative process?

Yes, nature is comfort and home to my heart. Maybe because I am Native American - or maybe just because I am human, but I would rather be outside in the dirt or mountains over anything. I typically get a vision in my head of a creature in that environment, be it based off my experiences or one that I dream up. However it happens, I see the image clearly in my head, and therapeutically I have to put it on paper. The process is long. Many, many sketches are drafted before I even hit the watercolor paper.

What’s the most surprising thing that folks looking to start a brand for the cannabis community should know? 

Know your product... Know the good, the bad, and keep improving it. Take care of your human self so you can work like a dog! Get involved in your local Cannabis Community. Give back and become part of the advocacy. Be kind. 

You lead a very active lifestyle - from getting out in nature to regularly hitting the gym. How has cannabis contributed to your healthy lifestyle?

This is key! Many of you guys know, if it wasn't for Cannabis, I would be curled up in a bed or sofa, unable to share anything with any body! Cannabis literally saved my life. I started slow and steady, tried many options, and now have found my remedy for life. Without too much drama, my little body has many issues to many to list - all pretty severe. Cannabis has made it so, those issues are simple small inconveniences from time to time. Seriously, from TBI, Lymes, Lupus and Anxiety mixed with Chronic Pain, cannabis brought me back to homeostasis. That allowed my body needed to become active and whole again. Without Cannabis I would not be here. 

Funny... I tell everyone, they should use some for of hemp, cannabis, etc it will only make your life better. 

Artist and Founder of Cannabis Queen Rx, Linda Biggs

Artist and Founder of Cannabis Queen Rx, Linda Biggs

The Cannabis Queen RX brand is growing by leaps and bounds! What’s in store for 2019/2020? 

We are creating a new rolling tray as we speak! I wish they didn't take 5 months. We are also doing cannabis industry B2B events nationwide and our brand is in stores & dispensaries across the country. We are sharing a feminine energy, a compliment to what is already in the industry product line.

What can we expect to see from Cannabis Queen Rx at NCF?

Me smiling and feeling good ; )  and we will have our full line of products - Organic Hemp Rolling Papers, Trays, Art and Messenger Bags.

Caroline Phillips