It's 4:20 Somewhere: Enjoy a Red Stripe at NCF


The Munchies Zone will be packed full of delicious eats. Something for everyone — including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets. In addition to a variety of food vendors, there’s a full beverage area with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

 If you’re feeling the good vibes, the music and the people, and would like to add a brew to your mix for the day, you’ll be pleased to learn Red Stripe is the official drink of NCF.

It’s the beer in the little stubby bottle, from the island of big spirits. You can expect a full-bodied, light gold amber lager, and every bottle of which is imported all the way from Jamaica! In the heart of the Caribbean.  

Tis the season to celebrate the end of prohibition, so grab an ice-cold Red Stripe and we’ll see you at RFK Stadium on 4/20 weekend! 

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