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Medical Cannabis in Washington, D.C.:

Washington, DC’s medical cannabis program is now five years old with 7 dispensaries and 8 cultivation centers serving nearly 6,000 patients throughout the city. In the the past year, the DC Council has worked  to broaden access to medical cannabis by making physician assistants, dentists, and nurse practitioners eligible to recommend medical cannabis for patients.

The easiest way to get a medical cannabis card is to visit one of the DC Medical Cannabis Trade Association’s member dispensaries (see below for list) where a patient specialist can walk you through the process and answer any questions.

Requirements for Obtaining a Medical Cannabis Card in DC:

  1. To be eligible for a medical cannabis card, you need to be a current resident in the District

  2. Next, you need a healthcare provider’s recommendation (any DC licensed physician, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, naturopath or dentist can write a recommendation for medical marijuana). If you do not know where to start, call one of the dispensary partners below and a patient representative can provide a list of healthcare providers to are seeing new patients

  3. Fill out either paper or application online form. You'll also want to review the application instructions. Patient specialists at the DCMCTA dispensaries listed below are ready and able to assist with any questions about the process and even application fees if applicable

  4. Once your application is approved the card will be sent to your home address. Make sure to take your card (and government issued ID) with you when you visit DC dispensaries and you’ll be all set!

Visiting from another state?
In April 2018, the DC council passed legislation making reciprocity a reality for medical cannabis patients coming to DC for conferences, special events and tourism. Reciprocity means that visitors in DC who are registered medical marijuana patients from qualifying states (listed below) can purchase medical cannabis.

New Hampshire
New Jersey
Rhode Island
Washington State

Visit one of our partners below to learn more about DC’s medical cannabis card program:

Anacostia Organics (Anacostia - Ward 8)
2022 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE
Washington, DC 20020

Capital City Care(Ward 1)
New location coming soon!

DC Holistic Wellness(Ward 7)
Opening May 2019!
4721 Sheriff Road NE
Washington, DC 20019

Herbal Alternatives(Dupont Circle (South) - Ward 2)
1710 Rhode Island Avenue, NW
3rd Floor
Washington, DC 20036

Metropolitan Wellness Center(Capitol Hill/Eastern Market - Ward 6)
409 8th Street SE, Suite 201,
Washington, D.C. 20003

National Holistic Healing Center(Dupont Circle (North) - Ward 2)
1718 Connecticut Ave., NW
Level T
Washington D.C., 20009
(202) 234-0780

Takoma Wellness Center(Takoma Park - Ward 4)
6925 Blair Road NW
Washington, D.C. 20012

Stop By the DCMCTA Wellness Pavilion and Say “Hi”:
If you’re interested in meeting representatives from DC dispensaries and cultivation centers, stop by the DC Medical Cannabis Trade Association Wellness Pavillion at NCF and join us for a full day of panel discussions, workshops and yoga.

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