Check Out YouGroGurl in the Exhibitor's Pavillon at NCF 2019

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Based out of Washington, DC, YouGroGurl is the area's finest cannabis cultivator. Founded by Executive Chef & DC native Keith Vessels in June 2016, the vision of YGG is to bring quality product, exemplary apparel with DC always in mind, excellent remedies for the body and mind but most of all to bring comfort and healing to the world with the aide of terpenes and CBD. Keith and his team work hard to provide each customer with quality products, and to connect to each customer personally to come up with the best regime for their life.

YouGroGurl offers a wide variety of the comfortable apparel made from the finest linens; each article of clothing is unique to YGG and is designed to stand out. While keeping quality and comfort in mind, our line of T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, Hats, Bags, Hoodies, and more will provide you with a fashionable look and high quality feel you won’t find anywhere else.

At YouGroGurl, we offer great CBD products to begin your healing. Our product is tested with the finest machinery for effective healing and quality assurance with the patient in mind! With this passion and drive we are committed to providing the “highest” standard of customer care & quality products, always. We are constantly working hard pursuing our goals in creating a better cannabis industry, market, product, but most importantly, to heal the world.

We can help you no matter what you come in for. Are you feeling sick? Are you always tired? Does your back hurt? Are you having trouble sleeping? Can’t eat? Can’t focus? We are here to serve and heal you! Our core value is YOU, the customers: our family. We care about you, your health, & what you need to put in your body so you can get your healing. Our Customer Care is a priority, so if something is not right, tell us & we will find a solution together.

Be sure to stop by our booth at the National Cannabis Festival this year for a day of fun, music, free gifts, demonstrations, and a chance to meet our team and see them in action! Bring any questions you may have and we’ll have the answer!

We pride ourselves on being healers in this industry and look forward to helping you learn more about what we do and how we can help you change your life!

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