Cannabis Karma is Bringing the Essential Good Vibes on #420one

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When Princess Mirabal created Cannabis Karma, it was out of the need for setting the tone of a space that encouraged the normalization of using marijuana for recreational purposes.

The goal was not only to entertain people of “like-minded” perspective, but to encourage those people to work together, experience art together and do their part to normalize the usage of marijuana. Similarly to how available and frequent the usage of alcohol has become, those who engage in marijuana consumption should have cool, safe places for adults to gather in celebration in a relaxed lounge environment.

Princess Mirabal brought in her experience and friends from the culture of the Burning Man festival to curate a space from top to bottom. From decorations to the kind of music played, Cannabis Karma was born with a weekly pop up event structure hosting over 350 people each week. 

More than a lounge, Cannabis Karma creates a sacred space with art installations, goddesses, weed fairies, themed concepts and wardrobes. Depending on the event, there might even be fire breathers and fire spinners. In short, the entertainment value is through the roof.

At The National Cannabis Festival, party goers will experience a full Bohemian smoking hookah lounge with marble tables, full carpeting and the Cannabis Karma standard of chilled out vibes.  Because the events are word of mouth, the ambiance of the crowd is one you won’t want to miss. 

Here’s a few words from Princess Mirabal on the concepts and design of Cannabis Karma. Don’t miss the exhibitor fair this year at RFK Stadium! See you on #420one

Describe the uniqueness that is the Cannabis Karma brand.

The CK brand uniqueness stems from our passion and commitment to our community. Our mission is to normalize the adult consumption of cannabis in a relaxed chilled environment which includes event planning and consulting.

Talk about the creative process that goes into your weekly pop-ups and how the Mondays have grown since the inception. 

Strategically we conceptualized our brand expanding.   In doing so we created our weekly pop up events that has captured the attention of an eclectic, diverse and thriving community.  I simply wanted to spread the Cannabis Karma with like minded people.

What can we expect from the Cannabis Karma activation at the National Cannabis Festival this year?

You can expect us to bring "good vibes" and energy that will transcend throughout this community.






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