"Viceland" and King Weedy Invite DC to Smoke with Jeff Sessions

"Viceland" came to D.C. last week to promote Weed Week with an afternoon open house at the legendary King Weedy Mansion inviting people to “Smoke Weed With Jeff Sessions." 

Attendees reveled in the opportunity to enjoy a joint with Jeff Sessions, in this case a Wisconsin resident who shares a name with the notoriously anti-cannabis Attorney General.

The King Weedy family welcomed "Viceland" with open arms, working with the production team leading up to the event to ensure a smooth and safe experience for all involved.

Attendees entered the wood-paneled King Weedy Mansion and were greeted by "Viceland" staff who offered them branded water bottles, rolling papers and lighters. After checking in, guests were ushered into the main room of the house which was transformed to look like the oval office where they could take Photo Booth photos and meet "Jeff Sessions".

Passersby couldn't help but stop to stare at the iconic "Viceland" bus which was parked outside the house, painted white and emblazoned with text inviting folks to get lifted with Jeff Sessions.

While cannabis legalization on the federal level is still in question, there's no question that the D.C. cannabis community has a great sense of humor!


Caroline Philips