A Q&A with Tiffany Burtt, CTO of Bulb Wellness


Meet Tiffany Burtt, Chief Technology Officer of Bulb Wellness...

NCF: Explain the importance of the Bulb Wellness mission to deliver a community platform that connects the like-minded to lab-tested, discreet botanical solutions. 

Tiffany: Bulb has a long-term mission: we want to drive a paradigm shift in the way people think about cannabis. We believe Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp have the power to improve global economies, build affordable homes, grow nutrient-dense foods, give the rainforest its lungs back, create jobs, and help the sick, the list goes on. But first we have open the minds of many consumers that cannabis is not just a drug for stoners but that it is part of a healthy diet and happy life. The momentum is moving in the right direction, we need to pick up the pace of change.

Technology gives us a platform to cultivate and advocate for our community with a longer reach than ever before. We can share information; collaborate on solutions; and provide a vehicle for commerce, content, eLearning, policy, telehealth and much more.

We do this to promote and support the resurgence of green sustainable hemp-based products and technologies, nearly all of which have a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of our planet. We want to be the driver of the movement to make the extraordinary benefits of cannabis available and accessible to everyone.

NCF: Tiffany, what are the current trends in technology that influence and progress advocacy and education efforts within the cannabis industry?

Tiffany: In my opinion there are two major technology trends in cannabis.

First, Blockchain technology will deliver the federal government exactly what it wants –traceability and accountability from seed to sale. As a community, we need to educate the government by showing what safe and responsible cannabis cultivation and distribution looks like, along with how it can be easily managed and controlled like any other agricultural commodity.

Second, technology is removing the limits on how, what, and when we deliver to a community. With increasing state legalization and the possibility of federal regulations, it’s up to us to develop best practices, compliance adherence policy, and industry standards that can be followed to further legitimize the industry. In the same vein, a platform like Bulb’s can offer eLearning and certification programs.

Last point is on education. We intend to eventually join the code.org movement and bring free coding and entrepreneurial education to schools where curriculums are sorely outdated. Only a collaborative and knowledgeable community with a side helping of badass technology can achieve this kind of goal.

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NCF: In what ways do you hope to grow and expand over the next few years?

Tiffany: As I stated earlier, Bulb has a HUGE mission. We hope to grow our brand and become a household name as it relates to cannabis so that we can lead by example and facilitate a movement that shapes and legitimizes this exploding industry. We intend to do this by helping to alter the negative perception around cannabis while preserving its history. 

We will move into new markets with new wellness products developed in our labs. Most importantly, we will be giving back to the cannabis community and to the local communities with cold hard cash, free education, and whatever the people determine is the best use of the resources Bulb can offer.

NCF: What should National Cannabis Festival goers look forward to from Bulb Wellness activations?

Tiffany: We will be officially launching the Bulb brand and the first iteration of the Bulb platform at the National Cannabis Festival.  

Our users can expect a new intuitive technology experience, an expanded inventory of accessories, Bulb swag and freebies, and all of it delivered with the same stellar customer service.

Sorry, I can’t tell our secrets right now, you’ll have to visit our exhibit. :)