GeoBowl Makes Green "Greener"


GeoBowl is the first biodegradable smoking pipe designed with the traditional steamroller in mind.

Enjoy huge rips of your favorite flower with this excellent travel pack. Our friends at Geobowl have specials that include packs of 3 so you’re ready to go no matter where you are.

The makers of GeoBowl are calling this “Mother Nature’s favorite pipe,” for its packability and biodegradable materials. The founders of GeoBowl say the idea was built from the premise that we can make green, greener.

Pipes are great for the convenience of the hit but flower lovers often have to worry about getting back home with them. So, they created GeoBowl out of the need for a pipe that’s perfect on a hiking trail where glass wouldn’t be allowed or where papers aren’t the best option.

The GeoBowl is great for ‘on-the-go’ smoking and while the pipes are good for about 20-30 repacks, once it’s done, toss it in the trash. These pipes will be broken down within a matter of months. It’s eco-friendly and indeed the best option to make green “greener.”

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