Meet D.C. Cannabis Celebrity Phone Homie

Phone Homie

Phone Homie is a D.C. celebrity, cannabis advocate and friend of the National Cannabis Festival. Catch him this year in the Phone Homie Zone and engage in lawn games, capture your memories with the NCF photo booth and more amenities to heighten your experience.

Talk about how the Phone Homie brand works to establish community within the cannabis culture.

Phone Homie establishes community within the cannabis culture through social media, podcasts, events, travels, and sharing the global element of the cannabis culture.

We inform mainstream culture as it relates to innovations and happenings in the cannabis industry.

On a political level, why are advocacy and education as much a part of the legalization movement as consumption?

As consumers, we need to know what we’re consuming and what is being used to grow the cannabis we smoke.

Pertinent Cypress Hill lyrics: " What’s the commotion? / Yo I’m not jokin’ around. / People learning’ about what they’re smokin’ “

Prohibition forces consumers to live in the shadows and therefore education and knowledge is only skin-deep. It’s time for adult users to learn how the cannabis they’re consuming is being grown.The more informations that’s known about cannabis, the more potential opportunities there can be.

What’s on the horizon for Phone Homie in 2018 as you work to “bridge gaps between traditional boundaries and creating proximity where distance once thrived?”

For 2018, Phone Homie is focusing on expanding our clothing brand and branching out into the organic soap and skin products markets.

Phone Homie is also seeking to expand onto the skateboarding scene and sponsoring a local crew. We are hoping to find humanitarian missions to be part of as well. We plan to bring knowledge of cannabis with us everywhere we go to help break down the walls of fear and the unknown.

What can we expect from the Phone Homie zone at National Cannabis Festival this year?

We have had large crowds at the Phone Homie booth over the past 2 years. This year, on top of our fresh gear, we are providing a gaming area for guests to have fun while they wait in line. We are researching classic, good old fashioned interactive games to feature. Festival-goers will find nothing but quality and fun at the Phone Homie booth!

Caroline Philips