Blunt Factz: DC's Canna Game Show

Get to know 1-Deuce, Ali and Eric, the creators of Blunt Factz...

What is Blunt Factz?
Ali: Blunt Factz is DC’s only canna game show. Our host, 1-Deuce, asks players 3 questions about cannabis. If they answer 2 out of 3 of the questions correctly, we give them a prize. If the answers are wrong, they’ll be headed to a corner to cry - LOL.

How did you guys develop the idea for Blunt Factz?
1-Deuce: Ali, Eric and I wanted something to contribute to helping folks understand the new i71 laws. We wanted to do something fun that was different. Not everyone can be a grower, not everyone can be an activist. We realize there was a lot of information to share and we decided an educational game show would be great for the community. Since I'm out all the time attending community functions and meeting people I was the natural choice to host. Early on the we realized the information we provided to the community needed to be spot on and accurate so we got the help of a friend, Mangani of Mipalito Extracts, to help us develop questions for the game that would be appropriate for our contestants and help teach them more about the law.

How did Blunt Factz get involved with NCF?
1-Deuce: The Blunt Factz crew came together at the first NCF in 2016. Ali and Eric were already running Blunt Factz Podcast I was doing a local hip hop/DMV news show. We were all onsite that day shooting as media.

I met the NCF Team in early 2016 and started contacting them religiously about helping them with anything and everything going on with NCF. At the first festival I shot some videos for my show and posted them online. The videos attracted the attention of friends, business acquaintances and associates, and soon I was helping create promotional videos for the 2017 festival.

Why is an event like NCF important for our community?
1-Deuce: Now more than ever NCF is important because a lot of people still don't understand the laws laid out in Initiative 71.  At NCF you have groups like DCMJ there to provide that education. You also have growers and hydroponic stores like Wash Hydro for your horticulture needs. Collectives like King Weedy, Pink Fox and Phone Homie will be there too. They are super-supportive of legalization efforts on the local front. Myster High End is a local head shop with specialty glass and smoking accessories. They'll also be onsite at the festival.

NCF is a great opportunity for people new to DC cannabis culture to introduce themselves to the community. NCF also shows people around the country that people in DC aren’t a bunch of stuck up suits and that the fight for legalization is here and we are active.

Can you tell us about what Blunt Factz is working on in 2018?
Eric: In 2018 Blunt Factz is working on producing a Cannabis Film Festival. 

What will be happening at the Blunt Factz booth at NCF this year?
1-Deuce: We will be giving out plenty of information and will be playing the game with attendees. I’ll also have my custom lunchbox, hatpins, T-shirt and artwork available.

What are you most excited about happening at NCF this year?
1-Deuce: Cypress Hill!!!!!!!

Caroline Philips