Meet Linda Biggs, Award-winning Fantasy Artist


Linda Biggs is an international award winning fantasy artist based in Maryland.

As she prepares to return for her third year at National Cannabis Festival, we asked Linda to take a few minutes to answer our questions about her art, the cannabis industry and what she has in store for NCF attendees on April 21st…

All of my work to date is a visual story about my life... Cannabis literally saved my life and brought back to me a quality of life that I lost after a horrific car crash in 2012.
— Linda Biggs

Tell us about your journey from attending your first festival to being an exhibitor? 

I attended the very first NCF, as a human. I stumbled across NCF online, just 2 weeks prior to your event. We arrived early, sat in the parking lot in amazement. We watched the peaceful diverse crowd enter. We hurried out of the car, and got in line, we walked around, visited every booth and I was blown away by what was really happening! I was with John, my ex-husband, I kept saying, "This is awesome, I want to be here" He kept saying "You are here" I was like a kid in a candy store.

Thats when I said, I am ALL in for next year, if they will have me...meaning 2017. I called NCF, the Monday after the first and said, ”I want IN!" 

The pre-event rituals, paper work to set-up etc. were streamlined, straight forward, pleasant and easy. I have been a vendor at events for over 20 years, your event was the easiest I have ever worked with. Every step of the way, the NCF team was great. "EASE" is almost unheard of when putting together an event, but the NCF was like a calm I had never experienced in doing shows. Fantastic! In addition to the awesome professionals who orchestrated the NCF, the venders were just a awesome. I met and learned so much for all the vendors I had the pleasure to work with. 


What has been the most surprising thing for you working with the cannabis industry? 

When I started with NCF I was pretty green, I mean quite ignorant to the cannabis culture. A strict Mom of grown children, a bit conservative despite my outward appearance, and a lot naive. Once I understood and experienced the magic of Cannabis, I assumed and was confused that not everyone in the world was open to cannabis magic. 

See, the reality of it is that Cannabis brought my life back from unimaginable pain, and I wanted to share that with everyone. 

And I did, and I have. 

Things haven’t always been easy. To my surprise, when I told a possible employer about my personal trial and usage of this medicine. I saw backlash and downright discrimination. I was turned down for a high level sales position, after I told the employer of my Medical Cannabis usage. Their ignorance blew my mind. Once I started sharing with other like minded people, my phony peers started to drift away and out of my life. 

That’s when I noticed on a VERY Positive thing happening. People who were curious, or with like minded issues, health issues, etc., began reaching out to me privately via email and social media. That was confirmation of how powerful this movement is. 

The other cannabis businesses that I have had the pleasure to meet are eager to lend a hand, share info and help educate. In a short period of time I have learned volumes of priceless information. That alone has helped to grow my business. 

drs orders poster.jpg


How did you start including cannabis in your art work?

My first piece of Cannabis Art, was a black and white large pencil drawing titled, "Dr's Orders" 

(it’s now a popular coloring poster). All of my work to date is a visual story about my life. This piece Dr's Orders was my way, to pay homage to the cures and magic of Cannabis. Cannabis literally saved my life and brought back to me a quality of life that I lost after a horrific car crash in 2012. Cannabis saved me from physical pain and brought back my motor skills. Frankly, it saved me from taking my own life as the physical pain was taking its toll.

Through my art I celebrate cannabis. If I had not discover Cannabis, there would be no future Linda Biggs Art.


Have friends and family been supportive of your move into cannabis-themed art?

Yes and No! In the beginning of my "Coming Out" about using Cannabis, my family and close friends were freaking out a bit. Telling me I was too loud, too bold, and to be more discrete, etc. I ignored the naysayers thinking that if it works for me it will work for others. Through my determination to talk about this plant I became an advocate. Once my family and friends saw my passion and conviction, they had no choice but to support me, or walk away. The few who walked away, out of ignorance - they may come back around.


Why do you think Fairie art and cannabis go so well together?

Thats a funny question and it made me smile. See, I am a Fairie, a real Fairie, not make believe... so my art is me, and Cannabis is part of my everyday - so like a full circle it flows. I don't follow trends nor watch TV, and my journey is just winding through life and I illustrate it as it unfolds. Ever since I was about 6 years old, I knew I was a fairie... and my Fairie name is Blaise. Hows that for an alter ego of eccentricity? 


Do you have any new products or projects on the horizon?

OHHH YES, we do! We will be launching our new website, showcasing Linda Biggs Creative Cannabis Gear. Named, CannabisQueenRX. The new brand and website, will be our e-commerce page with our Designer Rolling Papers, Cannabis Queen journals, Rolling trays and other cool useable Cannabis Art items. happened as a result of the 2017 National Cannabis Festival. That is where we introduced my rolling papers, which I see sales from nearly every day. 


What would you say to other business owners thinking about introducing their products/services at National Cannabis Festival?

If you have a cannabis related product, National Cannabis Festival is a must for exposure. If you don't participate, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. 


What should we expect to see in your booth at NCF?

You will see ME, and my sister has now joined my woman-owned business. We will be sharing our new products - Limited Edition Designer ART Rolling trays, OAK Stash boxes and a host of other special secrets. 


Where can readers find your products? (launching at the end of Feb) 

We also have our cannabis products on Etsy, and  Our products have been picked up in dispensaries, and we are starting a campaign to get them in every dispensary we can. They are user friendly and pretty, they sell themselves.

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