The Wash Hydro "Grower's Corner" Experience at NCF


Wash Hydro is a family owned and operated hydroponics shop located in the heart of Adams Morgan. This year, along with being the official concert sponsor for National Cannabis Festival, Wash Hydro is also bringing some exciting activities to the festival grounds in the Growers Corner.

If you're curious about starting your own grow, or you want to ask an expert detailed questions, the Wash Hydro Growers Corner is the place to be!

Check out the schedule below so you can start planning your festival day:

1:00pm Grow Your Own 101 with Wash Hydro 
Join experts from Wash Hydro for a comprehensive talk on the basics of setting up and starting a successful home grow. The lesson will include instructions on cloning, transplanting and will answer frequently asked questions to make sure your home cannabis garden thrives.

1:45pm Cannabis Testing with Steep Hill 
Why test?  If you’re a consumer, it’s a no-brainer: you want to know what you’re taking.  If you’re a cultivator or a processor, why should you get your cannabis tested?  You measure your nutrients, lighting spectrum, temperature, fan speed and air direction, light and dark cycles, plant height and width, the number of colas and even the size of the top cola…find out why you should measure your final product, why you should always Know Your Grow! The physicians, scientists, and professionals of Steep Hill DC will show you how your cannabis products are tested, touch on some basic science (in a fun way), and prove to you that you should be as passionate about testing for potency, profile, and safety as you are about all the other aspects of your cannabis.  Join us!

2:30pm Super Cropping with Carmin Ruggiero
Supercropping is a coined word for bush style growing. This style is most effective with lights of 600 watts or greater as they allow good penetration down the canopy. Super cropping is one of the best pruning techniques that you have available to you. It’s also one of the easiest to perform. It isn’t like pure pruning where you actually snip off some of the plant. Instead, it’s more like putting the plant through a little bit of stress to get it to increase yields. The basic crux behind super cropping is that you are trying to increase the number of “tops.” You want to push the lower growth higher and wider so that it will flower.

3:00pm Environmental Benefits of Hemp with Ben Droz,
Today is Earth Day - so let's talk about the amazing environmental benefits of hemp agriculture.  Industrial hemp has thousands of uses, but it can't get you high. Hemp is grown throughout the world, but not in the U.S.   Come learn about hemp's has enormous environmental benefits in regenerative agriculture.  Learn about some of the many uses for hemp, all of which have environmental benefits over the more toxic alternatives.  From building materials to cosmetics , hemp can be the foundation for a greener future.

3:30pm Cultivating Your Way Through the Cannabis Industry with Kat Rust, District Growers 
Quite simply there is no one right way to cultivate cannabis.  Unfortunately, our industry is filled with many who would argue otherwise.  On top of that, things like regulations, square footage, budget, genetics, technology, etc. all start to add up and can become overwhelming when trying to make decisions on how you’ll be cultivating in your garden.  Learn some easy tips that will help you when making such decisions as well as assist you in achieving your garden goals today and in the future.

4:00pm Lights and Nutrients with Wash Hydro 
Experts from Wash Hydro will walk you through the multitude of light and nutrient options to maximize your home grow potential. There’s so much information online about home grow set ups and some of it is really confusing. Come and ask our experts all of your home grow equipment questions and be armed with the information you need to build your ideal home grow system.

4:45pm Be the Rain with Joy Mason 
Let’s discuss what it means when you make the commitment to grow Cannabis in captivity. You have to become all of the elements of nature and perform all of the routine maintenance that naturally occurs in an ecosystem. So, if you can be the light, rain, wind, sometimes a storm and even a predator, you will be rewarded with a plant that will grow with enthusiasm and gift you it’s medicine. Join us for a comprehensive discussion of indoor growing philosophies and best practices.

From best equipment to best practices, the Wash Hydro Growers Corner will have you ready to GROW YOUR OWN!