The Clonex Story

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By Guest Blogger, Clonex Staff

Our story begins in the mid-eighties with Australian based Growth Technology. One of the company’s early activities involved the
propagation and sale of exotic South American fruit plants.  Success in the venture eluded them for various reasons, but one of the obstacles the organization faced was slow and patchy returns on the propagation side. The currently available rooting powders were not delivering consistent results and began undermining the whole venture.  GT’s response to this was a long period of introspection and experimentation as they sought to develop a better and more consistent delivery system for the rooting hormones.  That development work, a story in itself, resulted in a rooting compound that delivered brilliant results on a very consistent basis.  The plant propagation business was quietly shelved; and instead the company set about the much more congenial, task of turning their new rooting compound into a product.  They settled on naming the product Clonex, which seemed to fit the product perfectly.

Once the product was established in its Australian birthplace GT began to look for distributors in various markets and the search brought them into contact with Jeff Gibson, a hydroponic retailer in Michigan.  Jeff was very enthusiastic about Clonex and was willing to commit the resources of his company to help it get established.  Sales were slow to begin with and demand was met by shipping fully packaged product from Western Australia directly to Michigan.  However, as demand increased, they had to consider ways of improving the supply line and saving on shipping costs.  Inevitably, Hydrodynamics International was born.

Since its inception in 1997, Hydrodynamics International has been traveling the globe searching for the very best horticultural products and technologies that have been proven to improve the quality and increase the yields of your favorite vegetables, herbs and flowers. Once we find a product that meets our exacting standards of excellence, we work diligently to import, manufacture and distribute it throughout the United States and Canada.

Our products are used by thousands of plant nurseries, commercial growers, scientists, educational institutions, hobby greenhouse growers, hydroponic enthusiasts, and home gardeners around the world.

Our dedicated team of horticultural professionals strives to make your crop growing adventures as successful and productive as possible, so that your efforts in turn produce flavorful and healthy herbs and produce for the body, as well as vibrant, fragrant flowers for the soul.

We are firmly committed to sourcing and using only the highest quality ingredients for the products we manufacture and distribute. You can use products from Hydrodynamics International with the confidence of knowing that we don’t cut corners.

Our products, along with an experienced staff of professionals, have made Hydrodynamics International the recognized leader in plant propagation.

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