Cannabis Community Spotlight: Meet Bo Kenney

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Name and Title: Bo Kenney, Owner, Wash Hydro

I started my career in the adult entertainment industry. My stepfather was a champion of first amendment rights and taught me everything I know about business. Thanks to my experience navigating policies in the adult entertainment industry, I was prepared to operate a business in the DC cannabis industry. My personal philosophy was also inspired by my stepfather,  "Never worry about what others do or say, only worry about what you can do and say."   

What is Wash Hydro and why did you decide to open a retail space?
I decided to open Wash Hydro with my daughter, Sarah. When we started growing cannabis together in DC, we had issues getting the products we needed on a daily basis. We decided to open Wash Hydro, a community-based business that promotes home-growing and education. In the last year, with the help of our community partners, Wash Hydro has given away over 10,000 clones. Our vendors have also donated nutrients and grow supplies to residents of DC.

How has the DC cannabis community welcomed Wash Hydro?
With open arms, we are blessed to be part of the DC cannabis community. 

One of the best things about your store is the family environment. What's it like being in charge of a family owned and run business?
It's been great working with all my kids at Wash Hydro and seeing them grow, and a real privilege watching Sarah as she's taken the reins, becoming the only woman running a Hydro store in DC. 

What are your goals for Wash Hydro in the next 3 years?
We want to grow our business, literally. We would like to open a few more locations and teach as many DC residents as possible to grow. We also want to be in position to sponsor the National Cannabis Festival for the people of DC forever! (Editors note: YAY!!!!)  

What are your hopes for the DC cannabis community and local legalization efforts?
My dream is that the people of DC can prosper through Initiative 71, not corporations from outside the community.

Also, DC has good home growers that can supply our city with quality cannabis. I would like to see a tax stamp for growers in DC who could then sell their flowers to retailers who would then sell cannabis to city residents and the millions of visitors to our city. Retailers could pay a special use tax on cannabis sales and people of our city would prosper from the legislation they voted for and passed.
Can you give us your top 5 tips for an aspiring cannabis business owner

  1. Work Hard
  2. Stay focused
  3. Believe in yourself
  4. Give back to the community
  5. Be part of the community 

NCF17_Image1If you could say one thing to President Trump about cannabis, what would it be?
Respect the rights of the people who voted to legalize recreational cannabis in their home states and in the District of Columbia! 

Wash Hydro was a sponsor at the inaugural NCF and you're back bigger and better-than-ever, as our concert sponsor for the 2017 festival. What made you want to get involved with NCF and what are you hoping for out of the experience this year?
That's easy! When I met Caroline, the festival founder, I knew what she was trying to do was from the heart and she truly believed in amplifying the voice of DC residents and cannabis enthusiasts and patients across the nation.

All I want from NCF is for the people of DC and the surrounding area to come together and show their support for legal cannabis in the America. Washington, DC, is the most influential city in the world . The residents of DC can show the rest of the world how all citizens can prosper from an inclusive, legal cannabis industry.

If folks want to learn more about you and Wash Hydro, how can they find you? 

Facebook -
Instagram - @washhydro

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Visit the Wash Hydro booth and Grower's Corner at NCF and make sure you're in front of the Wash Hydro Main Stage for the NCF Concert!