Ask Us Anything on Sun Feb 26th during our Reddit AMA

NCF17_RedditAMA_updatedFrom Reefer Madness propaganda and gateway drug claims to miracle cancer cures and ancient grower's wives tales, Cannabis has seen its share of mis- and disinformation. On Sunday, February 26th, 2017 - on the anniversary of the legalization of recreation use in DC - join NCF organizers and advocacy partners for an official Reddit AMA to ask us anything!

Is is true that Cannabis cures cancer? Now that it's legal, how long before you can open up your dream Canna-cafe? Can you fly across state lines between two legal states with weed in your suitcase? Will flushing your crops with a mouthwash rinse give your bud a minty taste? Rockwool or clay pellets? Is marijuana actually addictive?

No question is off limits! Ask away.

Festival organizer Caroline Phillips will answer questions about the National Cannabis Festival and the cannabis community in DC along with some of our advocacy partners tackling the topics of medicine, horticulture, politics, and law:

Nikolas Schiller
Distributed 4,000 Joints During the Inauguration
Co-Founder and Communications Director, DCMJ

Dr. Ben Blumber 
Drug Education Developer & Naloxone Distribution Trainer
Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition

Morgan Fox 
Communications Manager
Marijuana Policy Project

Michelle Rutter
Government Relations Manager
National Cannabis Industry Association

Rachelle Yeung
Public Policy Counsel
ACLU of Maryland


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