Cyco - Platinum Series

Our aim is to create new benchmarks in product quality and the results they achieve. We endeavor to deliver a business platform that informs both internal and external customers on how to accomplish the best results from using the Cyco Platinum Series products. Our employees are excited about Cyco Platinum Series products and stand behind their brand 100%. We have over 28 yrs experience in the hydroponic industry and are passionate about the products we produce and the services we provide to continually improve industry standards. We have a shared intellectual pool that covers marketing, research, product development, retail, wholesale, agronomy and business management. This combined company intellect integrated with our passion gives us a new industry benchmark in delivering both product and service. Cyco Platinum Series products are sold by only the best “certified” distributors in the hydroponic industry backed up by Cyco Platinum Series product and marketing support.

Cyco Platinum Series