Mustafa Akbar of Nappy Riddem Needs Our Support

16752908_1481727330.0643In 2016, Nappy Riddem rocked the stage at National Cannabis Festival. As one of our areas most popular Reggae/Soul/Funk bands, it was an incredible honor to have them perform at NCF in our first year.

On November 15, 2016, Mustafa Akbar, a member of the Nappy Riddem family was seriously injured in a car accident. Read the story below and if you are able, please consider donating to the Go Fund Me Campaign set up by friends to aid with his medical bills.

Dear Friends,

As many of you already know, a few weeks ago on November 15th our beloved brother & musical colleague Mustafa Akbar was in a horrible car accident, while on his way home from work. As you can see from the photo of his vehicle, it’s nothing short of a miracle that Mu is still alive + with us. Amazingly, there was no nerve damage + no surgery was needed…but Mustafa spent several days in the hospital ICU before he was sent home in body + neck braces with 8 broken vertebrae (cervical, thoracic + lumbar), 3 cracked ribs, and a separated shoulder.

Literally just an hour before the accident happened, Mustafa’s workplace offered him a permanent job – with full benefits + health insurance. Unfortunately, the accident occurred before these benefits + insurance could be activated (Life’s got jokes). Thankfully, his new job is being held until he can return to work in (hopefully) 3-4 months. But in the meantime, Mustafa now has in excess of $40k in medical bills, no pre-existing health insurance and a long road of recovery ahead of him – which will include regular orthopedic visits, physical therapy, etc.

We know the power of our worldwide family, friends + musical community is INCREDIBLE – and so we’re starting this GoFundMe campaign to help Mu pay for everything associated with his hospital bills / the therapy he needs to make a full + speedy recovery!

We kindly ask that you give what you can, and then please share this GoFundMe campaign far + wide. Together, we can reach these goals! No matter the amount, ALL of your contributions are sincerely appreciated, and 100% will go directly to Mustafa - so he can pay these bills, alleviate stress, and return to work + doing what he loves most: making music + performing. Collectively, we have the power to help ease financial burdens and provide Mustafa with the peace of mind + treatment he needs to heal as quickly as possible.

Thank You in advance for your amazing support + generosity.

We Love You, Mu!