Cannabis Community Spotlight: Meet Lisa Scott


Name and title: Lisa Scott, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer, Bud Appetit
Hometown: Long-term resident of Washington, DC

I spent most of my adult life cooking and catering for DC elite and powerbrokers. Fun, but <<<groan!>>> a lot of work.  I recently left that all behind and then discovered a new food market opening up: cannabis-infused edibles.  I’ve always liked to experiment and create new things with food, so when Initiative 71 passed, this was the best direction for me.  The demand is so high, especially for new indulgers, I haven’t slowed down since.

What's your favorite thing about the cannabis community?
I love the diversity and eclectic makeup of the community.  Passing the puff is a symbol of peace created by the Native Americans and we should embrace this and spread peace, love, and harmony to everyone.

What's the most important thing that women in cannabis industry and advocacy can do to lift each other up?
We need to network and support each other, and not expect or rely on anyone “giving” us a place in the industry.  Just do it!  Join local groups and organizations.  There are several here in DC, but I participate in two of them:

What's your hope for a world where cannabis is legal?
For the world, I would love cannabis to promote peace, love and happiness.  In this tense political climate, this is a goal we should strive for.  Also, I would like cannabis to get the full respect it deserves for its health benefits and power to reduce dependency on opiates and other toxic drugs.

For myself, I would just love to open a small, cannabis café and inspire people to do the happy dance while they anticipate eating my creations.

If you could share one piece of advice with an aspiring cannabis entrepreneur, what would it be?
Know the laws.  Be honest about your product(s).  Understand that there are different markets out there and not everything is for everybody - and embrace the idea that each and every customer should be treated like a VIP.

What are your expectations for 2017 NCF?:
I want the next administration to see the NCF as a symbol of how freeing the plant and lifting the prohibition on cannabis fully will be great in many aspects for our city and the entire country.

How can people find you: