Cannabis Community Spotlight: P. "1deuce" Hedgeman


Name: P. "1deuce" Hedgeman, Cannabis Community Supporter and Organizer
Hometown: Washington, D.C.

My name is P. Hedgeman but folks around the D.C. cannabis community know me as "1deuce." I was born and raised here in Washington, D.C., east of the river in the Southeast quadrant. While I don't have a full-time job in the cannabis industry I do volunteer my time and services throughout D.C. hosting free clone shares and treat giveaways alongside my fellow growers and cannabis businesses. When I'm not hosting events, I work with my partner to provide photography services with my interactive Photo Booth and "canna props" at D.C. cannabis parties.

What's your favorite thing about the cannabis community?
My favorite thing about the DC cannabis community is that we all come from different backgrounds and professions, but we are able to come together because of this plant and bond as one. 

What's your hope for a world where cannabis is legal?
If cannabis becomes legal nationwide we can expect it to impact changes in health care and the environment - everything from hemp production for textiles to food and medicine - it would also help curb a lot of these bogus inner city arrests for small amounts of marijuana. Initiative 71 has been great for the community in the Southeast part of Washington, D.C., where we have some of the highest crime rates, poor health facilities, and under-educated adults. A legal cannabis industry will give people the opportunity to learn a skill and maybe get a chance in a billion dollar industry from the ground up. 

What did you think of the first National Cannabis Festival?
I was definitely excited for the first-ever public Cannabis event in my hometown. The best thing for me was seeing some of my new-found friends being able to live lifelong dreams, vending openly and teaching people about cannabis. This year, I hope to be a part of National Cannabis Festival by working with my business partner to bring our interactive photo booth to the event. I'm always stoked about the music acts (please check out local artist Davy Fresh the community's no. 1 hip hop artist) and just to see the city's progress. 

Want to get in touch with 1deuce?
Facebook: Hedgeman Philip
Instagram: @1deucegetloose or @adanklookonthecity
Twitter: RGtree