Senator Margaret Rose Henry

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By Cynthia Ferguson, Delaware NORML

Delaware State Senator Margaret Rose Henry (D) has served as a State Senator since 1994. A key-figure in the State Senate, she has been the Majority Whip since 2009.  To Delawareans in the cannabis community, Senator Henry has been our champion and we are elated that she was chosen as the recipient of the inaugural Change Makers Award.

In 2011, Senator Henry sponsored legislation to create the Delaware Medical Marijuana Program. The DE MMJ program opened with a pilot program in June 2015. With about 1000 card-carrying patients, there are now plans for two more compassionate care centers – allowing for three total, one in each county. Ensuring that all qualifying Delawareans have access to the DE MMJ program, Senator Henry serves as the Chair of the DE MMJ Program Oversight Committee. The Oversight Committee listens to the concerns of patients and other interested individuals and has shepherded some needed changes in the DE MMJ Program. In June of 2015, as an additional sponsor of HB 39, she paved the way for Delaware to decriminalize personal use quantities of marijuana. Enacted in December 2015, private use and having less than one ounce of marijuana are a $100.00 civil citation rather than a crime.

Presently, the Delaware cannabis community has formed the Delaware Cannabis Coalition, of group of interested and informed organizations and citizens with the goal of legalizing cannabis in Delaware. The Coalition is working with MPP to develop legislation to tax and regulate cannabis in Delaware. The Coalition will be looking for a sponsor for the legislation, and it is our hope that Senator Henry will once again take the lead in reforming cannabis laws in the First State.

We are thrilled and honored that Senator Margaret Rose Henry is being recognized for her tireless work on marijuana reform in Delaware