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Welcome to the hemp revolution!

From food, textiles and construction to personal care and nutraceuticals, hemp is everywhere. Join us in the Hemp Pavilion to learn about all things hemp from farmers, processors, CBD experts and hemp legalization advocates. See below for our 2019 Hemp Pavilion Schedule and stay tuned for 2020 announcements.

See the 2019 Hemp Pavilion schedule below.


Make America Green Again

Since the early 1600’s Hemp has been an agricultural commodity that can feed us, fuel us, house us, clothe us, and has the potential to heal us. Before it was completely outlawed in 1970 it was a major resource in American History used for thousands of eco friendly applications. Following prohibition we see an increase in petroleum production, deforestation, and a change in climate. Currently there are 5.25 trillion pieces of trash polluting our oceans around the world. 90% of that is a result of petroleum based plastics. Millions of trees have been removed displacing wildlife species. Alternatives to hemp require toxic chemicals that are emitted into the air causing an increase in air pollution.

vJoin environmental enthusiasts representing the green community to learn about the health and environmental concerns we face today that can be reduced significantly with hemp.

Blake Carter, Holistic Health and Life Coach
Cyd Tran, Environmentalist and Co-founder of Pax Musicana
Hebah Saddique, Founder and Business Strategist of Consult DC

Moderator: Kyla Hill, Founder, Get Hemp Butter



The Do’s and Don’ts of Phytocannabinoid Manufacturing: What Retail Stores Want and Need 

With a new Farm Bill signed to law and more bills on the floor throughout the country, the hemp industry is changing rapidly. This is the best time to create a learning space for conversation to be had, and we invite you to join us as we explore the new hemp industry from a retailer’s perspective. Our panel will feature experts in all areas of the cannabis industry, including: a retail business owner, a Hemp/Cannabis lawyer, both small-scale and large-scale manufacturers, the head of the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition, and a local hemp researcher. The panel will go into in-depth conversation regarding what consumers and retailers are looking for: industry regulations and advances, marketing tactics, and economic trends.

Jason Amatucci, Founder, Virginia Hemp Coalition
Keith Butler, Founder & Lead Researcher, Life Patent
Adhithyan (AK) Krishnan, Founder, AK Aveksha

Moderator: Barbara Biddle, Owner, District Hemp



Sun + Earth Certified: Organic Outdoor Cultivation & Fair Labor Practices 

The Sun + Earth certification is a new cannabis certification program that ensures both organic cultivation outdoors, and robust standards and protections to assure the social welfare of farmers and farm laborers. Join Dr. Bronner's Director of Social Action, Adam Eidinger, for a discussion on the Sun + Earth certification. You will learn how large scale energy intensive artificial light operations are negatively impacting the environment, the necessity of outdoor solutions, and why we need to be supporting farmers and cannabis growing operations that are committed to just and fair labor practices. 

Adam Eidinger, Director of Social Action, Dr. Bronner’s



Indoor/Outdoor Hemp Farming and Products with King Weedy Hemp

Join King Weedy Hemp, a Virginia-based hemp farm, for an in-depth discussion of in-door and outdoor hemp farming techniques, processing and what goes into making high-quality hemp products.

Dustin Lynch, King Weedy Hemp



Bridging the Gap: Veterans and Cannabis Advocacy

U.S. military veterans have played an important role as advocates and organizers driving medical use and cannabis reform laws around the country since the beginning of the legalization movement. Today, more than 3/5 of states, comprising over 220 million citizens, have adopted laws permitting legal adult use or providing exceptions for medical access.

Yet federal reform efforts have seen only marginal success despite the untiring work of patients and activists. With the growth of legal cannabis businesses around the world and the influx of industry lobbying, the legalization movement seems poised to finally make a crack in prohibition.

Join a panel of veteran advocates from around the country as they discuss their work in putting people before profit and how veterans will be the key to national reform.

Jose Belen, Founder, Florida Mission Zero
Tanganyika Daniel, Founder, Marine Qweenz
Sarah Stenuf, Founder, Veteran's Ananda

Moderator: Eric Goepel, Founder, Veterans Cannabis Coalition



CBD and the FDA

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill has created a CBD craze with over-the-counter products popping up everywhere from Amazon to Walgreens. But with CBD determined to be the active ingredient in FDA-approved epidiolex, consumable CBD products will be anything but unregulated. As CBD goes mainstream, so will regulation, and the FDA will be the Federal Agency in charge. 

Learn what steps CBD businesses will have to take to satisfy FDA requirements, and learn what the consumer can expect from their CBD Brands going forward in terms of transparency, testing, and consumer protection. 

Christopher Davis, Executive Director, NCBA
Ivan J. Wasserman, Partner, Amin Talati Upadhye