Do you grow your own cannabis? Would you like to learn how? Join us at The Clonex Grow School for a full day of seminars and panels featuring professional cultivators, cultivation center operators, home growers, nutrient experts and more.


THC vs. Turpenes & Your Cannabinoid Profile: How to Evaluate the Quality of Cannabis 

Andy Cohen from Grassroots Cultivation Center, Maryland



Creative Canopy Control

Kathryn Rust, Commercial and Home Grow Expert

From topping, mainlining, and scrogging, to whipping, schwazzing, and thigmomorphogensis, it can be a bit overwhelming for any grower to decide where to start with the variety of canopy control techniques available out there.  During this class we’ll review some old techniques, expose you to some new ones, and most importantly give you the tools to feel confident about when, what, where, and how you may use them.  No matter your genetics, goals, or conditions of your grow, learn some effective and creative approaches to maximizing your canopy’s full potential. 



Cloning with Clonex

Learn how to "Clone like a Pro" from the leaders in plant propagation.



Commercial Cultivation vs. Home Cultivation

Matt from Alternative Solutions Cultivation Center, D.C.



The Importance of Cannabis Testing



Cloning with Clonex

Learn how to "Clone like a Pro" from the leaders in plant propagation.



Home Growing 101 with Capsterdam

In D.C. you can grow your own!  Join the Capsterdam Team for "Grow 101," an introduction that will focus on  the basics of growing cannabis hydroponically. It will include identifying different ways to grow, identifying and how to use different grow medias,  identifying pesticides, and more.