Deepen Your Roots

Do you grow your own cannabis? Would you like to learn how?

See below for our full 2019 Grow School agenda and stay tuned for our 2020 schedule featuring professional cultivators, cultivation center operators, home growers, nutrient experts and more.

All sessions in the Grow School will have ASL interpretation.

2019 Grow School Schedule


Home Grown Therapeutics: An Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis Tinctures 

Ever wonder what to use your trim, stems, and vegetative leaves for?  Herbal tinctures have been used by humans for thousands of years for their vast array of medicinal applications.  Cannabis tinctures are no exception to these traditions and rich history.  This class will give attendees a brief history of medicinal cannabis tinctures, a demonstration on how to make your own and medicinal tincture application tips.  Come join us and explore the many therapeutic possibilities your home grow can give you with medicinal cannabis tinctures!

Kathryn Rust, General Manager, DC Holistic Wellness



The Cannabis Industry has a Serious Single-Use Plastic Problem

We ask packaging to do so many jobs besides the basics of keeping products fresh and protecting them from damage. Packaging design is now vital to establishing a brand’s identity, conveying its values and providing shelf appeal. And increasingly, consumers want packaging that’s sustainably sourced, recyclable and reusable. How can companies bridge the gap between keeping products safe, maintaining profit margins and addressing our growing plastic problem?

Sandra Elkind, STO Responsible



Why Is Cannabis Testing Important? 

When you grow, you measure all the inputs: nutrient types and amounts, the intensity and timing of the lights, the speed and direction of the airflow, and the water down to the last drop. Now it's time to make the one final measurement that ties it all together...It's time to "Know Your Grow".  Join the DC branch of Steep Hill, the global leader in cannabis testing, for an interactive talk about the latest cannabis testing methods with a focus on potency testing for your next crop.

Phil Stripling, Steep Hill Labs



Space Buds: Growing with Aeroponics

Discover the ins and outs of Aeroponic cannabis from District Growers, the Aeroponic medical cannabis cultivation facility in DC. Aeroponics is a growing style similar to hydroponics where roots hang freely, but in air misted with a nutrient solution to keep the plant alive and healthy. It was first developed by NASA in the 70’s to allow the hyper-efficient cultivation of plants in space. We will cover:

  • Basic Aeroponic System Design

  • Similarities and Differences between Aeroponics and Organics

  • Challenges and Benefits of Growing Aeroponically

  • What Aeroponics Means for Cannabis Consumers

  • Aeroponics’ Impact on Commercial Cultivation Sustainability 

Join us as we explore the design, challenges, benefits, and results of utilizing this incredible cultivation technique to produce remarkably potent and curiously smooth cannabis flowers.

Frank Petricoin, Operations Manager, District Growers
Antjuan Washington, Lead Gardener, District Growers



Home Grow Rights & Advocating for Home Grow in Your State

It's a basic liberty to plant a garden and reap your harvest for your benefit and pleasure. Growing cannabis at home for personal use or barter poses no danger that justifies a ban on growing your own garden. When we legalize marijuana for adult use, the law must allow an adult to grow marijuana for their own use. This panel will discuss the need to protect individual liberty and not subject people to arrest unnecessarily for engaging in otherwise legal conduct in the privacy of their own “home” environment. Home cultivation standards from different states will be presented, and the distinction between “home cultivation” and an “unlicensed cottage industry” will be explained.  

Moderator: Luke Jones, Director of Legislative Affairs, Maryland NORML
AJ Dawson, Co-Founder, Maryland Marijuana Justice (MDMJ)
Roilyn McWilliams, Medical Cannabis Patient/Independent Healthcare Consultant Nikolas Schiller, Co-Founder & Director of Communications, DC Marijuana Justice



Growing a Healthy Cannabis Community: Expungement, Equity and Elections

This panel will discuss the intricacies of expungement and equity program law, and how the cannabis community can work to achieve justice by engaging in the electoral process. We will compare and contrast different approaches to cannabis policy and strategies to build consensus around policies that can heal the damage done to our community by the war on drugs.

Sam D'Arcangelo, Director of HeadCount's Cannabis Voter Project
Nelson Guerrero
, Co-founder & Executive Director, Cannabis Cultural Association
Jason Ortiz, Board Vice President, Minority Cannabis Business Association 
Deputy Marshal Jason Thomas (Fmr.), Spokesperson for the Law Enforcement Action Partnership