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Know Your Weed

Check back soon for our 2019 schedule. See last year’s Weedmaps Education Pavilion schedule below.

All sessions in the Weedmaps Education Pavilion will have ASL interpretation.


Weedmaps Networking Zone



Challenges & Opportunities for DC's Ganjapreneurs

Ganjapreneurism is the political economy surrounding legal and illegal cannabis production and sales. It is a form of civil disobedience that is inherently pro-cannabis sales in all forms, seeks lowest tax structure, and seeks justice for damages done to communities, especially people of color, that were targets of police enforcement during “marijuana” prohibition. 

Join us for a panel discussion with some of DC's favorite Ganjapreneurs  and activists as we discuss the challenges facing the local cannabis community and the opportunities that lie ahead. 

Moderated by: Adam Eidinger, DCMJ

Ken Green, Sr., F.Y.N.E. T.I.M.E.

Cesar Salas, Rosinstein

Lisa Scott, Bud Appetit




2018 Midterm Elections: How will they impact cannabis legalization & criminal justice reform?

As the 2018 midterm elections approach, the adult-use and medical cannabis industries have expanded to states across the country and lawmakers at the local, state, and federal levels have introduced various criminal justice reform proposals. Progress seems sustained and the stated goal of activists to end cannabis prohibition, and ultimately to end the drug war, seemsenforcement,  and the specter of continuing or expanding the harshest aspects of the war on imminent to some. Yet, with an Attorney General in vehement opposition, a lack of policy vision from the White House, rescission of Department of Justice guidance which previously deprioritized cannabis drugs, the future of both cannabis reform and criminal justice reform remains uncertain. Join experts from the cannabis industry and activist spaces as they discuss what voters should know in order to influence policy by casting the most cannabis-friendly and criminal justice reform-friendly ballot possible in 2018.

Moderated by: Scott Cecil, Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Queen Adesuyi, Drug Policy Alliance

Mike Liszewski, Principal, The Enact Group

Rachelle Yeung, Board Member, Minority Cannabis Business Association



The CannaTank Entrepreneur Contest Finals

Want to hear the next big business ideas in cannabis? Join The Hood Incubator and the National Cannabis Festival for the final round of the 3rd Annual CannaTank Contest for aspiring canna-business owners. Prize packages include: $1,000 in start-up assistance, business coaching meetings and strategy sessions, and more! 

Hosted by:

Sirita Wright, CMO, Estohaze

Finals Judges:

Jennifer Culpepper, CEO, Brand Joint

Marisa Escudero, CEO, Lucy's Lozenges, 2017 CannaTank Winner

Kayvan Khalatbari, Founding Partner, Denver Relief Consulting

Shanel Lindsay, CEO, Ardent Cannabis, 2016 CannaTank Winner

Dr. Chanda Macias, Owner, National Holistic Healing Center & Chairwoman of the Board, Women Grow

Jane West, CEO, Jane West & Founder, Women Grow



Hemp Industry Product Showcase

You’ve seen hemp rolling papers and hemp t-shirts. But have you seen a hemp briefcase, a hemp battery, a hemp car?! What’s the difference between bast and hurd fiber? What exactly are CBDs? Why should you live in a hemp house? It’s a new era for hemp as technological advances are pioneering such new sustainable products as hemp plastics, building materials and more. Come learn about the diverse, ecological product applications of hemp, and answer hemp history trivia questions to win a prize! 

hosted by:

Lauren Stansbury, Dr. Bronner's

featured brands:

Nature’s Path

TEMPT Living Harvest


Manitoba Harvest

CV Sciences +Plus CBD Oil

Hemp Traders

BMW car panel with hemp bio-compost interior panel

Green Spring Technologies

Tree Free Hemp Paper Company

Get Hemp Butter


Hemp Kettle Tea





What’s Up with Hemp? The Law of the Land for Industrial Cannabis

Join us for a discussion on state and federal policy on the planet’s most versatile crop—hemp! Learn what legally defines industrial hemp, how efforts to pass state and federal legislation are working to end prohibition, how the DEA is trying to regulate hemp as ‘marijuana,' and how you can get involved in the hemp movement! From the local level to a national perspective on the growing hemp industry, we’ll look at how mis-guided drug policy is impacting the largest consumer market for hemp products in the world, the United States.

Moderated by: Lauren Stansbury, Dr. Bronner's

Jason Amatucci, Founder of the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition

Kyla Hill, Get Hemp Butter

Eric Steenstra, President of Vote Hemp

Annie Rouse, Co-Founder,Anavii Market



Will the DMV Region Lead the Mid-Atlantic Towards Progressive Cannabis Policy?

The District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia have all made strides towards more progressive cannabis policies in recent years. In 2014 Washington D.C. became the first area on the east coast to legalize cannabis with successful passage of Initiative 71. Also in 2014 Maryland passed legislation to create a  medical program, that is now putting medicine in patients hands. Not to be left behind, Virginia legislators recently passed a law providing an affirmative defense for possession of low-THC cannabis oil, with a doctor’s recommendation. Each state, contending with unique sets of challenges, has taken steps forward on cannabis. In what is the 6th largest metropolitan area in the U.S., with millions of people commuting significant distances for work and recreation, the DMV region is  watching closely to see how other legal states are handling the issue of cannabis. As the country continues toward legalization and less restrictive cannabis laws, could the DMV be a leader in cannabis policy for the Mid-Atlantic?

Moderated by: Justin Strekal, NORML

Kaitlyn Boecker, Drug Policy Alliance

Barbara Helmick, DC Vote

Luke Jones, Maryland NORML

Jenn Michelle Pedini, Virginia NORML



Pediatric Cannabis: Is it Time?

Once taboo, the idea of using marijuana to treat childhood epilepsy, movement disorders, and psychiatric conditions is gaining increasing interest and support in the medical community. While hopeful, that optimism is tempered by restrictive federal law, need for more scientific testing and stigma associated with being a cannabis user/patient. What are the unique challenges facing families with pediatric cannabis patients? With only a handful of states providing access to medical cannabis for children, what policy changes need to happen at the state and federal levels to reduce the number of “medical cannabis refugees,” forced to leave their home states to seek medicine?  How are parents of pediatric cannabis patients working with local legislators to ensure access to medicine in schools and other public places? Do the benefits of cannabis for pediatric patients outweigh the risks?

Moderated by: Dr. Chanda Macias, Owner, National Holistic Healing Center & Chairwoman, Women Grow

Beth Collins, Pediatric Cannabis Advocate and Parent

Michelle Dumay, Pediatric Cannabis Advocate and Parent



The Revolution is Hiring: THC Staffing Group Cannabis Career Fair & Panel Discussion

Visit the THC Staffing Group Career Fair and meet companies looking to hire from the diverse pool of candidates attending NCF.  THC Staffing Group is a boutique recruiting firm dedicated to the development of an inclusive, robust and legal cannabis industry. TSG helps companies find candidates who are aware of and sensitive to the diversity among customers and stakeholders. 

The Cannabis Career Fair also includes a stage of expert speakers sharing their vision of an equitable industry; offering advice about entering and navigating it; and balancing business with activism.

Shanita Penny, Founder & Principal, Budding Solutions

Danielle Schumacher, Co-Founder & CEO, THC Staffing Group

Amber Senter, CEO, Leisure Life & Co-Founder, Supernova Women

Shaleen Title, Commissioner, Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission