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Know Your Weed

The Education Pavilion is your hub for all things cannabis lifestyle and policy. Join us on April 18, 2020, for substantive discussions on state and federal law, cannabis tech and our crowd-favorite CannaTank Contest. See below for last year’s schedule and speakers:

All sessions in the Education Pavilion will have ASL interpretation.

2019 Weedmaps Education PAVILION SCHEDULE


Weedmaps Networking Zone

At HIGH noon when the gates open at NCF check in at the Weedmaps Education Pavilion and meet the Weedmaps team, enter contests and raffles and get your festival vibe going to the tunes of DJ Largechild!



Now What?? A Roundtable for the Music Industry at the National Cannabis Festival

More than a year ago, we started Now What?? as a way to bring equality to the music industry. Through access to information, networks and industry leaders, our community has flourished. As part of our work to expand opportunity for all, we’d love to invite you to an interactive discussion at the National Cannabis Festival in Washington, DC on April 20th. We’re going to explore ways of increasing equity in both the cannabis and music industries, how creatives use cannabis to pursue their art, and the impact creative communities can have on policy. The cannabis and music industries both have tremendous barriers to success. Join us as we collectively tackle those barriers by sharing resources and insights to breaking through and finding your voice and contribution.

Eliza Berse, Lilly Torres, Vira Byramji
Co-Founders, Now What??




Know Your Rights Before You Light: Understanding D.C.’s Marijuana Laws

D.C.’s marijuana laws can be confusing, and your risk of arrest can change depending on where you are in the District, how much you’re carrying, and other factors. Our informative know-your-rights session will cover what the current laws are so you can use marijuana legally here in the District.

Natacia Knapper, Police Accountability Organizer, ACLU-DC



The Intersection of Women + Tech + Cannabis

Women in weed, women in tech -- why do women find themselves on the sidelines of these industries? More importantly: where do these skill sets intersect, empowering women to turn double barriers into massive opportunity? Darby Cox, CEO of a publicly traded, tech-driven cannabis company will be joined by Smoke Cartel teammate, Samantha Kramer, in discussing the ways women can use technology to shatter the status quo and push for higher standards in an industry that hasn’t quite yet set its “grass ceiling.”

Darby Cox, Co-Founder and CEO, Smoker Cartel, Inc.
Samantha Kramer, Investor Relations Coordinator at Smoke Cartel, Inc. & President/Founder, The Cannabis Law Society at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology



Cannatank Entrepreneur Contest Finals

Join us for the Cannatank Finals and watch 4 aspiring canna-business owners take part in a Shark Tank-like final competition for $1,000 in start-up assistance, consultation sessions with industry experts, and more!

Finalists to be announced in April!



Key Barriers to Safe and Legal Access

What key state policies are keeping patients and adult-use consumers from safe and legal access?  This panel would discuss issues ranging from the failure of state/local licensing models to deliver access (licensing caps on supply or retail side; insufficient retail density from failures in zoning/land-use policy, licensing caps and/or outdated retail models that do not provide sufficient access - e.g. no delivery; and dual licensing models) to over-regulation of the industry and patient access mechanisms (e.g. state/local registration cards; physician licensing/regulatory requirements) and insurance issues.    

Dustin McDonald, Vice President, Government Relations, Weedmaps



How does media play a role in covering both the cannabis legalization movement and the industry?

Hear how journalists, and those involved in the legalization movement, work to educate policy makers, businesses and the general public about cannabis legalization and how media attention has influenced public perception of the plant.

Tauhid Chappell, Medical Marijuana Patient & Secretary, Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists
Jake Plowden, Cannabis Cultural Association
Mona Zhang, Word on the Tree



East Coast Cannabis Round-Up

Cannabis legalization is changing rapidly across the country. To date, 10 states and Washington, D.C. have legalized cannabis for adult use. Medical cannabis is available in 33 states, while CBD products can be found across the nation. Join the Cannabis Cultural Association and Americans for Safe Access for a discussion around opportunities and roadblocks in the rapidly changing cannabis laws on the east coast.

Nelson Guerrero, Executive Director of the Cannabis Cultural Association 
Theresa Nightingale, Pittsburgh NORML
Rani Soto, Leaf Launch 
Jason Ortiz, Minority Cannabis Business Association



Emerging Federal Consensus: How and When Will We Legalize?

Come and meet Queen Adesuyi of the Drug Policy Alliance, Michelle Rutter of National Cannabis Industry Association, and Justin Strekal of NORML for a conversation on the emerging agreements and fault lines amongst the various proposals to end federal prohibition. With so many aspects of policy needing to be addressed, spanning criminal justice to industry issues, these three panelists are the ones who are “in the weeds” working with lawmakers and their offices on Capitol Hill everyday, and they may-or-may-not have helped draft much of the legislative language that is in your favorite pending policy proposals. Bring your policy hat and questions!

Queen Adesuyi, Drug Policy Alliance
Michelle Rutter, National Cannabis Industry Association
Justin Strekal, NORML



Cannabis and Tech: A Platform to Solve Global Problems

As cannabis legalization spreads and stigma wanes, scientists, academics and other specialists from traditional and esteemed professions are contributing their expertise to create innovations with benefits that extend beyond changing the way people access and consume cannabis. From reducing the opioid crisis to urban farming, which global issues are cannabis innovators influencing, whether intentionally or serendipitously, and where are the opportunities for experienced and aspiring scientists and engineers to contribute their experience and talent in cannabis? Don't miss this one-on-one conversation and audience Q&A with two women who will change the way you think about your professional and educational past and how you, too, can be an innovator in the bustling cannabis industry and beyond.

Aja Atwood, Co-Founder/CEO, Trella Technologies
Shanel Lindsay, Ardent Cannabis